S.A.Borthwick are an established Renewable company that provide quality installations for any situation, we provide project management from start to finish to ensure quality of work and to ensure you receive the beneficial heating system and design. S.A.borthwick are MCS accredicted meaning your system will be installed and commissioned to the highest standards and potentially enabling you to the Renewable heat incentive.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are an  ideal renewable solution as they are installed externally and require no ground works for pipe work This, means they are cheaper to install and therefore a more commonly preferred product compared to biomass or ground source. They fundamentally operate like an inverted refrigerator; it extracts heat from the air, even up to -20C. Heat pumps work extremely well with underfloor heating systems but can also be used with standard wet system radiators, however, radiators will be oversized compared to a common oil/gas fired heating system due to the lower flow temperatures.


Air source heat pumps can now produce over 70-degree flow temperatures and are ultra-quiet to run.


See the below case studies for more details:

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pumps operate by extracting heat from pipes installed under ground . the pipe work  will run much like underfloor heating in a house, about 1.2m depth and 1m apart. Where space is an issue, boreholes can be drilled which is equally effective. When boreholes are used, specialist-drilling companies are required to carry out the work at an additional cost.


Ground source heat pump installations have a high initial installation cost, however, are more efficient than alternative systems in the long term and return a higher RHI payback. Heat pumps work extremely well with underfloor heating systems but can also be used with standard wet system radiators, however, radiators will be oversized compared to a common oil/gas fired heating system due to the lower flow temperatures.

Solar Thermal

What Is Solar Thermal?

Solar water heating (also known as solar thermal), is the process of capturing energy from the sun via the use of solar panels, to heat water for use in the home. Solar thermal offers much lower heating costs than traditional gas or electric-powered heating systems and produces fewer carbon emissions. This makes it a popular choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


How Does Solar Thermal Work?

This type of system uses solar thermal panels, (also known as solar collectors) to collect energy from the sun. Solar thermal panels are a different type of technology than conventional solar PV panels, which use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun rays before turning it into electricity. 


Solar collectors are made up of cells containing a fluid which absorbs heat directly from the sun. The heated fluid is then transferred to a coil fitted inside the hot water cylinder. The coil helps transfer the heat to the water stored in the cylinder. Once the heat transfer is complete the liquid is pumped back into the collectors, where the cycle starts againy . Solar thermal can be linked into any plumbing system and can work together with oil/gas or renewable heating 


Find out more about funding

By choosing alternate heating solutions, you can benefit from government funding. 


Before choosing your renewable heating source, it is important to find out about the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and eligibility criteria. Whilst this can be a complicated area, we have a lot of experience and can advise you on the best system for your needs and how to apply for funding to support your renewable heat installation.


To make things a little easier, we have listed some links below with some informative online resources on funding for renewable energy solutions. Please contact us for your free, no obligation advice and survey.


Please use the link for your free RHI estimated calculator to get an idea of your potential RHI payments


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Our Services

We undertake all aspects of plumbing work from general domestic repairs, to extensive commercial construction projects. Whilst we are experienced in oil and gas heating systems, we have also expanded the business to focus on more novel alternate heating solutions, such as air source heat pumps. No job is too big or too small.


From domestic to commercial plumbing repairs.


Our engineers are Oftec and gas safe approved. We offer retro fits or newinstallation of complete oil or gas heating systems.


Reduce your carbon footprint and slash your energy bills with alternate heating solutions.


We offer mechanical ventilation heat recovery for both domestic and commercial needs.


We have vast experience in bathroom installations and can help you design your new bathroom. 

Servicing & Maintenance

We offer annual boiler servicing, landlords gas checks and emergency callouts.

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